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Evenings Leil Selichot סְלִיחוֹת‎‎


After nightfall (21st of Elul, 5779)

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Evenings Leil Selichot סְלִיחוֹת‎‎

We invite you to listen and live Selichot or slichot (Hebrew: סְלִיחוֹת‎‎) are Jewish penitential poems and prayers, especially those said in the period leading up to the High Holidays, and on Fast Days. In the Ashkenazic tradition, it begins on the Saturday night before Rosh Hashanah. If, however, the first day of Rosh Hashanah falls on Monday or Tuesday, Selichot are said beginning the Saturday night prior to ensure that Selichot are recited at least four times.


After nightfall (21st of Elul, 5779)

About Us

Study תּוֹרָה Torah for your soul, spirit and wisdom, Also knowledge about HaShem creation.


Study  תּוֹרָה  Torah for your soul, spirit and wisdom,  Also knowledge about HaShem creation.


    Throughout the ages, in Jewish communities everywhere, there has always been a quest for spirituality, fulfillment of religious obligations, and social togetherness. West Miami has been no exception.

    In 1955 a group of very determined members, headed by Morris Harris decided to establish the first traditional synagogue in West Miami. After a lot of planning, hard work, perseverance and much paper work, the plan was approved by the authorities in August of 1956. Soon after, The West Miami Jewish Center officially opened its doors with a lot of pride and good will.

These ideals still hold true today. With the initial membership of 32 families, activities at the Temple started almost right away and the first elected officers were: Morris Harris, President, Harry Klein, V.P., Meyer Fisher, Treas., Louis Goldin, Rec. Secy., and Joseph Boise, Fin. Secy.; all under the spiritual guidance of Rabbi Maurice Klein.

    During the first decade the synagogue experienced substantial growth in membership and scope and eventually merged with Temple Ahavat Shalom, an orthodox synagogue nearby, absorbing its membership. During the last 20 years the city of West Miami has experienced important population shifts which have also affected Temple Beth Tov Ahavat Shalom. However, a number of new families have joined the synagogue in the last decade, contributing in many ways to its different programs.

We currently offer religious services on Friday nights and Saturdays, as well as on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. We also offer Adult Education classes as well as Conversion classes.

    Our Sisterhood and Men's Club also offer a variety of programs and activities that are very meaningful to our community.

    All in all our Temple, although small, is a very viable, enthusiastic and warm institution that cares, welcoming everyone who wants to live a meaningful Jewish life.

During the year there are guest speakers, Holiday Dinners & Mizvot Programs.


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